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World Peace Happens One Mind Moment at a Time

As a white person, one of the gifts of working inside a community center serving primarily people of color (i.e. non-whites), is that I get to work on purging racist stereotypes from my mind. When I was a young boy in small town Maine, my community was as white as the winter snow blanketing the frozen ground. As a consequence, my world view was limited to what I encountered in my all white grade school, what I saw around my all white town, and what I picked up in the all white media of network TV. Although it might sound harsh to say that cultural privilege entails ignoring a long litany of...

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Journey to Kailash

This is a story about a pilgrimage I undertook in late summer of 2001- a journey to a mountain in one of the most remote corners of the Earth in an area considered by Buddhist tradition to be “the navel of the world”. As always with pilgrimages though, the journey is not merely a story of epic bus and train rides or the joys and challenges of living out of a backpack with meager food, sleeping in dusty dog houses, encountering stunningly beautiful mountains and friendly natives. Pilgrimage is ultimately an inner journey, an unfolding of the hidden pathways of the mind – the...

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