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Beyond the “Smart” Grid – Letting Go of Fantasies, Embracing the Sun

In the film Take Back Your Power, President Obama, speaking to the San Francisco Chronicle’s editorial board uttered these words: “Under my plan for a “cap and trade” system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” For six years, conservative politicians have pilloried Mr. Obama for that statement while accepting millions from the Koch Brothers and their climate denial machine, pretending to be advocates for the common man. Climate warming is very real – no argument there. So what’s the clip doing here, in a film which sets out to investigate the “smart” grid? The modernization of...

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Stuart Lake

After diving deep into a new book “An Electronic Silent Spring”, I was especially eager to escape the electro-smog of urban existence. Having scored a precious permit for two nights and three days in the Stuart Lake region of the Enchantments, my only concern as the date drew near remained the epic fires in Eastern Washington – the nearest a mere six miles from the Enchantments. The Leavenworth Ranger station assured me the smoke would only be a problem if the wind blew out of the northeast (unlikely), and that proved to be true as there was no smoke in the Mountaineer...

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Waves on the Horizon-“Smart Meters” and You

In 2002, after living in India for two years, I returned to Seattle with my wife, ready to begin the next chapter of life. With our first child on the way, I needed a steady job. It was time to get got serious about my acupuncture career. In searching for a location to open a clinic, I was on the road often, sleeping at the homes of friends and in motels, so it seemed logical to purchase my first cell phone. I remember feeling a sense of power and prestige as my mind’s self-image vainly compared itself to media images of business executives on the go, holding a cell phone to the ear....

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Safe, Non-Spying Utility Meters in Seattle

In an earlier existence, some decades ago, my friends and I were fond of a popular slogan from yuppie culture – “whoever dies with the most toys wins”.  Although the religion of self-centered fulfillment and anthropocentric arrogance will never by itself lead to spiritual awakening or lasting happiness, there is a kernel of truth here worth exploring. Everyone dies. The hourglass of this life is quickly emptying, like a river rushing towards the sea, a candle flame burning out. In searching for a happiness and deep existential meaning transcending mere material accumulation, our spiritual...

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Deception Creek June 15,2014

After sleeping at the end of another obscure forest service road, bird songs began mixing with deep REM sleep sometime in the wee hours of the morning. Another crescendo of rain drops played on the roof of our space vehicle, gradually giving way to mountain mist and roaring creek waters at 3000 feet, deep in the womb of Mother Nature. We started up Deception Creek trail at 820am. Trip report: The heavens intermittently misted, drenched and warmed us over the course of the next six hours in our round trip to Three Mile Camp. Only one small patch of snow remained at the camp. We ate our lunch...

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Journey to Hope Lake

Your Own Private Cell. It had been two or three weeks since my last escape from the city. We scurry along like rats in a maze, running on our never ending treadmills, tapping at some existential lever, hopeful for our reward of sugar water – or so it sometimes seems. Where is the true meaning in life? Nature is certainly a wonderful listening laboratory to better fathom the answer to that all important question, but it was not my only reason for escaping Seattle. With my daughter on a birthday sleep over, a little quality time with my wife was overdue. I was also planning to pay short visit...

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