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In Gratitude for Traditional Midwives

About ten years ago, when my dear wife was about 8 months pregnant, we found out that our daughter (we didn’t know the sex until birth) was in the breach position and despite efforts to flip her using acupuncture, moxibustion, Mozart CDs played close to the birth canal, lying on a tilted board, and doing underwater back flips in a hot tub (Upel doesn’t know how to swim so we didn’t get very far with this one) – our little Pema was stubbornly keeping her head next to mama’s beating heart. Our options were running out. We were told by our midwife at the time that...

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I’m going on an Adventure

“I’m going on an adventure”. Thus spoke Bilbo Baggins as he left his comfortably stocked larder in his cozy hobbit hole, an allegory which could rightly apply to any of our lives. What comfortable rut – perhaps disguised as “the good life” might be holding us back from our unlimited potential? In my own case, I was captain of the good ship “CommuniChi”, with a huge bank of windows from the bridge overlooking a panorama of the Cascade Mountain range. There are a lot of wonderful people at El Centro de la Raza that I made heart connections and smiles with on a daily basis – especially the...

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