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Climate Change – The Cow in the Middle of the Room

The news just broke that Shell is pulling out of the Arctic – a major victory for the climate. My kayaktivist friends and I deserve some portion of the credit for putting ourselves on the front lines on multiple occasions at actions in Seattle, Everett, and Portland, though clearly this victory belongs to everyone.  It wasn’t just that the test wells in the Beaufort Sea yielded negative results for Shell, but there were also frank admissions that the massive groundswell of negative publicity played into their decision to retreat from their seven billion dollar investment. (Aside:...

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Silver Peak Fall Beauty

Over the weekend, I began a 10 week Eco-sattva course with a goal of bringing greater spiritual awareness in order to have a positive influence on the imbalances between humanity and the environment. Continuing the mind stream from my last post, the Earth doesn’t need saving. She will do just fine in the long run. Perhaps it will take ten million years to heal from the messes that the human race leaves behind – a mere blink of an eye to her. Nonetheless, there is great reason for hope in the resiliency of the human spirit to spontaneously address the climate crisis, along with...

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The Problem with Saving the World

A little over a quarter of a century ago, I was living at a blockade camp in British Columbia’s, Strathcona Provincial Park. Cream Silver, a multinational corporation had plans to open up, you guessed it, a silver mine smack in the middle of one of the most pristine places on the planet, in the northern remote reaches of Vancouver Island. I remember being asked by a fellow activist: “you want to save the world, right?” Without hesitation I said yes. My home base in the late 1980’s was a one room dome I had built on “Flower Island” somewhere on the wild seashore of Western Canada. Clear...

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Black Lives Matter

In the aftermath of Senator Bernie Sander’s visit to Seattle on August 8, social media and the blogosphere has been abuzz with analysis of the interruption of his planned speech on Social Security and Medicare by two female Black Lives Matter activists.  First, I should mention that I was not there – I was doing acupuncture in my clinic – but immediately started reading accounts from Facebook friends who were. The chronology of events is probably familiar to most so I will not repeat them in much detail. For those needing more background, click on the links at the end of...

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The Battle to Save the Planet

The most important thing I did in the past month was   n o t h i n g   at all!  Doing nothing is actually quite a task. My wife, daughter and I attended a 3 day family meditation camp at Mountain Lamp Community in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. We spent a lot of time watching our breath and not much else. Our daughter had lots of kid activities with the occasional sprinkling of group mindfulness at the sounding of the bell. Reconnecting with my breath and intrinsic aliveness laid the spiritual foundation for other doings providing the bones of this month’s blog. When I...

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Mountain Bones and Spirit – Bailey Range 2015

I set out on June 30, 2015, planning for a 5-6 day solo trip in the Bailey Range of Olympic National Park. I’ve already written a little bit about the preparations for the trip here. More good resources on planning can be found on (Barefoot) Jake Morrison’s extremely useful site – such as this article here,  and here. See also the Resources section at the end of this article. As with anything I do in life, I always try to establish a positive intention before any action, large or small, to bring benefit to other sentient beings.  How can going for a long walk in the...

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