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A Fearless Heart, An Evening with Geshe Thupten Jinpa in Seattle, May 13

In the 1972 film, Brother Sun, Sister Moon, Franco Zeffirelli‘s adaptation of the life of Saint Francis of Assisi, one particular scene beautifully portrays the wide range of emotions – from fear and shame to courage and joy, surrounding our innate instinct to act with a deep sense of compassion: Francesco has been dragged by his father before the local bishop to arbitrate in a family dispute after he tossed expensive clothing from his father’s shop out the window in an act of worldly renunciation. His father, blinded by greed for gold and material gain is weeping, not only...

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Children and Cyber-Technology

Recently, I attended a lecture on media-cyber education for children at a brand new high school facility. With my daughter in the 6th grade, I was interested both from a broader educational perspective, as well as to tour the high school as a possibility for my daughter’s future. The hostess greeted me at the door and, somewhat to my surprise and secret delight, invited me to wander about the building – alone. I walked down a long corridor and into a darkened room and then, on a sudden impulse, I pulled out my electrosmog meter – a device which measures radio-frequency...

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