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The Earth Invites Us to Listen Now

(Initially shared verbally at a “Be In” session at Family Mindfulness Camp at Camp Westwind on the Oregon coast) I am grateful and privileged to live on this beautiful earth. When billions struggle to survive, living in shanty towns in Haiti, Lima, India, Seattle, I can practice mindful breathing and watch diamond reflections dance across Pacific Ocean swells as they roar their final lion’s roar upon the continent’s edge. Nature is my teacher, my place to connect with the Three Jewels – Buddha, Dharma, Sangha. Each of us is on the same path as Prince Siddhartha...

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Elwha River – Bailey Range III – Wilderness as a Mind Space

Our planet is a magical living being with beauty all around. Modern urban living – in a bitterly polarized presidential election year no less – can easily blind us of this truth, driving a wedge of separation between ourselves and the life giving mother which nurtures us all – the ground we stand on, the trees which breathe to us, our animal brothers and sisters who remind us of our larger family, the water which refreshes, cools, and replenishes us.  Do we walk over the earth as a separate being, or move through it as an inseparable part of the landscape, our heart-spirit...

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Mountain Spirits Old Bones II – Long Ridge Trail Hike, July 2-4, 2016

Why go? I go to the mountains for meditation and healing, for solitude and beauty, which is all around, though too often unnoticed in the hectic modern urban pathways we often follow. Smartphones in hand, we rush like automatons towards our death, clicking here and there, never pausing to see the flowers, or so it often seems. We may be passionate about social justice but in our push to fix the world, do we slow down enough to realize that our work for peace is realized only to the degree we have internalized that peace ourselves. Yes, active engagement in movements for social justice...

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The People Speak out Against Coal – Seattle, June 21, 2016

At the Federal Coal Leasing Program Hearing at the Seattle Sheraton. It is 7:45 a.m. and there is already a line of 60 or so people to sign up as speakers.  The Bureau of Land Management is holding a “scoping hearing”, seeking public input on whether to continue the pause in coal leases on public lands instituted by Interior Dept. Secretary, Sally Jewell in January 2016. With global climate targets already bumping up against the (dangerously high) two degrees of additional warming allowed under the Paris Climate Summit, a record breaking warm spring in the northern hemisphere,...

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Acupuncture and Climate Change

Avid readers of my blog may notice that I do not often write about acupuncture.  Here’s my annual paragraph: Acupuncture works. It’s relatively painless, safe, and offers effective, non-pharmaceutical relief for hundreds of different conditions. As a licensed practitioner of acupuncture for 18 years and the founder of Washington state’s first low cost sliding scale clinic, it would be my honor to serve you. My web page offers a wealth of information on the philosophy and practical applications of acupuncture. Or just make an appointment and start feeling better now. There, done. Now to the...

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Break Free

Last week I took a day off work in order to attend a 3-day event called Break Free. Organized by dozens of climate action groups, labor, indigenous people and social justice activists mobilizing simultaneously on six continents around the globe, the intention was to catalyze an urgently needed conversation focused on transitioning from a fossil fuel based economy to a sustainable, renewable energy economy.  Here in the Pacific Northwest, activists converged on Anacortes, Washington, site of the Shell and Tesoro oil refineries, representing the oldest, and largest point source of carbon...

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