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Screenagers – Thoughts on Raising Children in the Digital Age

I just saw the film “Screenagers” which delves into the topic of how digital media is changing our children across a wide spectrum of indexes – from academic performance, emotions and mood, to incidence of violent versus compassionate behavior, and even changing the response thresholds of neuro-chemical pathways in the brain.  If you have a child or teen, this film is a must see. As more and more children access digital screens – cell phones, computers, tablets and an array of other devices, our society has entered a brave new world – a world of profound...

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Break Free from Fossil Fuels May 13-15, 2016 – Global Day of Resistance

“What is something you learned today”? Eric, my “kayaktivist” brother poses a question to the closing circle of our training. There are about a dozen of  us who’ve come together six weeks in advance of a global day of fossil fuel resistance, “skilling up” so that we can safely and effectively confront the titans of industry and their legal enforcers as the battle to save the planet heats up. People share about how empowering it is to work together in community, how beautiful life is. When it is my turn to share, I reflect on how I took a couple of...

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Waking Up From Our Fossil Fuel Coma

Twenty seven years ago today I heard the news. The Exxon Valdez had run aground in Prince William Sound, Alaska, spilling hundreds of thousands of tons of crude oil in a pristine wilderness, poisoning life in one of the last large unspoiled ecosystems in our world.  The captain of the ship was legally drunk at the time. A painfully ironic parallel exists in that our present day fossil fuel addicted economy lurches and staggers towards disaster, with oil executives and shareholders binging on corporate profits, steering humanity way off a sustainable course and headed for a proverbial Bligh...

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Climate Change Birthday Party

My daughter is turning thirteen. Tasked with the challenge of hosting a birthday party for a gang of tech-savvy, prematurely jaded teens, I contemplated my options: Ignore the elephant in the room (climate change) and seek out the latest chocolate coated thrill such as indoor skydiving, replete with made in China last minute birthday gifts from the mall? Or attempt the potentially contentious path of mixing old fashioned outdoor fun with a teaspoon of reality, (quietly) calling attention to just how precarious Mother Nature’s health is these days? With schools generally choosing not to...

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Decolonizing Africa, Decolonizing Your Mind

My first recollection of Africa as a white person growing up in America was images of elephants, zebras, giraffe, lions and wildebeests frolicking across the Serengeti while slender tribal people, with skin as black as the night, adorned with colorful clothes and ornaments, hunted, sang, ran, and danced in the tall grass. This fantastical imagery was likely a product of children’s picture books, Tarzan comic books, the TV show “Wild Kingdom” with Marlin Perkins, visits to zoo prisons, and other long since forgotten experiences and media. Gradually, these stories faded to...

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Healing River – Understanding the Flow of Acupuncture

Grand Canyon of the Elwha 1985. The river roared like the jaws of death as it crashed and churned around a blind corner deep in the black walled canyon. I had descended past the point of no return – the overhanging cliffs on both sides offered no choice but to go on. My friend had disappeared ahead – to his death or delight, I did not know.  I was alone, clinging to a tiny pool of calm between the vertical rock on one side and the raging torrent, I glanced up at the sky and realized there was only one thing to do – let go into the current. So I did. The act of letting go...

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