Community Acupuncture

Acupuncture and Climate Change

Avid readers of my blog may notice that I do not often write about acupuncture.  Here’s my annual paragraph: Acupuncture works. It’s relatively painless, safe, and offers effective, non-pharmaceutical relief for hundreds of different conditions. As a licensed practitioner of acupuncture for 18 years and the founder of Washington state’s first low cost sliding scale clinic, it would be my honor to serve you. My web page offers a wealth of information on the philosophy and practical applications of acupuncture. Or just make an appointment and start feeling better now. There, done. Now to the...

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Healing River – Understanding the Flow of Acupuncture

Grand Canyon of the Elwha 1985. The river roared like the jaws of death as it crashed and churned around a blind corner deep in the black walled canyon. I had descended past the point of no return – the overhanging cliffs on both sides offered no choice but to go on. My friend had disappeared ahead – to his death or delight, I did not know.  I was alone, clinging to a tiny pool of calm between the vertical rock on one side and the raging torrent, I glanced up at the sky and realized there was only one thing to do – let go into the current. So I did. The act of letting go...

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Peace, Love, Light

Light is returning. Morning rays of sun illuminate the room, and my heart, reminding me of the great cycles of nature: Light and darkness. Truth and ignorance. Love and oppression. Everything moves in circles. Big circles encompassing the vastness of space and time. Small circles in our daily lives and the awareness of our breath in a single moment. 2014 is about to disappear forever.  What do we wish to take with us? Leave behind? At CommuniChi, I offer thanks to all the people (and a few dogs) who visited me in my new location for acupuncture.  As I enter my seventeenth year as a licensed...

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Boulder River Wilderness

Prologue. Earth Day 2014. Dr. Bill Wulsin and I left Seattle intent on following up on our acupuncture response efforts at the Oso Fire Station which we had coordinated since the epic disaster of March 22, 2014. (My previous blog post regarding the utility of acupuncture at alleviating traumatic stress and bringing hope to the world can be found here.) In the corner of our minds, each of us entertained the fantasy of offering an acupuncture treatment to President Obama on his visit to Oso. With the many global conflicts, economic challenges, and human rights conflicts happening on his watch,...

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Lessons from Oso

It is difficult to write about a disaster so close to home, and almost impossible to remain objective.  Everyone touched by a disaster, including responders, are to varying degrees, psychologically traumatized.  Even people remote from the scene can be affected.  On the eve of 9/11, I had just arrived in Lhasa after a 30 hour bus ride and had not been in contact with the outside world. That evening I experienced disturbing nightmares involving a plane crash. The mind is a non-localized phenomenon. Spiritually, we are never remote from disaster and suffering. Over time, human consciousness...

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The Fallacy of Charging What You are Worth

One of the mantras of small business capitalism is “charge what you are worth”. My colleagues in the community acupuncture revolution take a different view of reality. Yesterday, an old client of CommuniChi called and said he was bringing a friend to come in for a first treatment. He encouraged me to charge his friend $100 for the treatment in order to glamorize my acupuncture services and counter any impression of cheapness or inferiority that my “$20 to $40 sliding scale” might convey. I laughed. This month marks my sixteenth year as an acupuncturist and I’ve...

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