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I’m going on an Adventure

“I’m going on an adventure”. Thus spoke Bilbo Baggins as he left his comfortably stocked larder in his cozy hobbit hole, an allegory which could rightly apply to any of our lives. What comfortable rut – perhaps disguised as “the good life” might be holding us back from our unlimited potential? In my own case, I was captain of the good ship “CommuniChi”, with a huge bank of windows from the bridge overlooking a panorama of the Cascade Mountain range. There are a lot of wonderful people at El Centro de la Raza that I made heart connections and smiles with on a daily basis – especially the...

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Acupuncture Can Heal the World

I hope this finds you healthy, happy, and rested after the Thanksgiving holiday. On “EverGreen Friday” (I’m officially renaming and reclaiming the day for Mother Earth), I took my daughter and her friends to the woods – far from the consumer frenzy of Black Friday at the malls.  The rest of my break I spent with friends and family getting in touch with the true spirit of Thanksgiving. The true spirit of life is ultimately inexpressible, but words can direct us to that awareness. When I remember to rest my mind in the space of non duality, feeling the connection with all life, I silently...

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Chinese Poetry

Since men still make war Let me lie down and sing with the grasses  Kobayashi Issa (1763–1827)  This week was emotionally painful and stressful for many people, beginning as it did with the acquittal of George Zimmerman by an all white jury in the shooting of Trayvon Martin – a young black male armed with a pack of Skittles and perhaps fragments of Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of a world where people are not judged by the color of their skin. That dream was cut brutally short, but rather than allow our anger to target a perpetrator acting out an institutionalized role, I invite you...

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Acupuncture Midwifery – Birthing a New World

I often write in my blog about mindfulness and how acupuncture can enhance that and after reading two recent articles “The Morality of Meditation” (NYTimes), and “Beyond McMindfulness” (HuffPost), a deeper insight into what we at CommuniChi are actually doing here arose: Seven years ago, I was making a very comfortable living as an acupuncturist – charging people $100 for a new appointment and $65 for a followup.  The only catch was most people in America can’t afford those prices for very long. Insurance coverage for acupuncture limits access to those...

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Flying Yaks and Other Versions of Reality

2007. Yes-terday, I was at my glorious work place (yes I love my work), CommuniChi, fixing a chair and as I stood up, suddenly my trick knee went out. “That’s the way the meniscus cookie crumbles”, I later remarked to a friend in a moment of lightness. Still, the habit of self pity is deep and my wife had to remind me – “Maybe it’s a good thing.” Perhaps you’ve heard the Tibetan story about the nomad boy who finds a wild horse. “Oh how lucky” everyone says, except for the wise elder. “We’ll see” he says, calmly...

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The Supreme Riddle

June is off to a good start. On Saturday when only four people were scheduled, I was caught by surprise when ten people walked in during the last fifteen minutes before closing. Things got a little bit wild, but in the end, everyone floated out the door on an invisible carpet of Chi. Just prior to the walk-in tsunami, I had been doing some internet research at the Washington Secretary of State’s web site, reading up on the rights and responsibilities of non-profit Board Directors (I was recently elected President of my Buddhist meditation center) and discovered that in this state, Board...

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