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Chinese Medicine Demystified – or How Acupuncture can Change the World

If you open a current textbook on anatomy and physiology, you are unlikely to find any reference to “subtle energy”. The prevailing notion in western science continues to view the body as composed of discrete atoms and grosser parts which comprise systems inside of a glorified machine. This is beginning to change, fortunately. The Chinese term for life energy is Chi (or Qi). The quality, availability, and smooth exchange of Chi defines health in the Chinese system. Human Chi comes in different degrees of refinement ranging from coarse Chi derived from food to subtle Chi from air...

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Finding stability amidst radical change

We live in an era of radical change. The daily challenges we face to remain healthy in these turbulent times are intense. Communichi’s vision is to facilitate health through acupuncture, so that together we can remain balanced and strong, and thus empowered to do the work of building a better world….so that nobody is without healthy food or clean water…. so that everyone has access to quality health care, education, housing, justice, natural and spiritual resources….so that no people suffer oppression or material want….so that all creatures in Nature are...

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