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Racial Equity and Diversity Awareness

On a beautiful sunny Sunday in Seattle, I joined about 17 other parents of Bright Water School, to participate in a diversity and racial equity awareness workshop led by consultants Lara Davis and Diana Falchuk. Although diversity awareness accompanies more than race, race is often used as a focal point to acknowledge that racial inequity in American society is a foundational understanding that intersects all forms of diversity awareness. We could have been hiking, gardening, reading novels, relaxing, or otherwise engaged in a diverse menu of life activities, but instead, we had...

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This Is Your Brain on Smart Meters

Today, I was struck by several pages of a book discussing our ways of perceiving the world in modern life. Perception – according to one school of modern psychology – can be broadly divided into two categories – utilitarian, and appreciative. In the former, which phenomenological psychology holds that alarmingly, much of modern cognitive life resides, humans view the world as a means to an end: “The world becomes a gigantic gasoline station, an energy source for modern technology and industry. The relation of man to the world as such is in principle a technical one,...

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Boulder River Wilderness

Prologue. Earth Day 2014. Dr. Bill Wulsin and I left Seattle intent on following up on our acupuncture response efforts at the Oso Fire Station which we had coordinated since the epic disaster of March 22, 2014. (My previous blog post regarding the utility of acupuncture at alleviating traumatic stress and bringing hope to the world can be found here.) In the corner of our minds, each of us entertained the fantasy of offering an acupuncture treatment to President Obama on his visit to Oso. With the many global conflicts, economic challenges, and human rights conflicts happening on his watch,...

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Acupuncture Can Heal the World

I hope this finds you healthy, happy, and rested after the Thanksgiving holiday. On “EverGreen Friday” (I’m officially renaming and reclaiming the day for Mother Earth), I took my daughter and her friends to the woods – far from the consumer frenzy of Black Friday at the malls.  The rest of my break I spent with friends and family getting in touch with the true spirit of Thanksgiving. The true spirit of life is ultimately inexpressible, but words can direct us to that awareness. When I remember to rest my mind in the space of non duality, feeling the connection with all life, I silently...

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I-522 – A Harvest of Truth, Health, and Food Justice

In Chinese medicine, and traditional cultures, autumn is a time of harvest. We gather ripe abundant crops and partake of colorful nourishing feasts. In doing so, we strengthen our bodies in preparation for the journey into winter and the unknown darkness. Spiritually, we are transitioning from the vibrant joy of summer to the still quiet wisdom of winter. As with any season, autumn is merely a way station on a never ending circle of wholeness. But this circle is in danger of being broken by the forces of greed which see no use for Mother Nature’s mystical perfection. Technology, they say,...

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Journey to the Far Shore

It was twilight or maybe midnight. There was no sense of time. Perhaps I was only watching a movie. My mind was riveted by the impending alignment of cosmic forces – two stars in the heavens orbiting closer to a perfect eclipse. In a few moments, a passageway to immortality would open. I called my wife and two children so they could witness and enter the door to enlightenment. But….wait a minute….I only have one child. How could this be? Ah – but so-called ‘normal’ reality is just a dream, and sometimes our dream-time is the higher truth. I do not see the second child in my...

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