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Mountain Bones and Spirit – Bailey Range 2015

I set out on June 30, 2015, planning for a 5-6 day solo trip in the Bailey Range of Olympic National Park. I’ve already written a little bit about the preparations for the trip here. More good resources on planning can be found on (Barefoot) Jake Morrison’s extremely useful site – such as this article here,  and here. See also the Resources section at the end of this article. As with anything I do in life, I always try to establish a positive intention before any action, large or small, to bring benefit to other sentient beings.  How can going for a long walk in the...

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Daily Bread

We are always departing, in each moment. Observe impermanence closely, for it leads to freedom. In a few days I’ll be setting out on a 5 to 6 day solo trip out on the Bailey Range in Olympic National Park. It’s been 25 years since I attempted anything close to a 65 mile hike through trackless terrain on dirt, rock, and snow, relying only on inner resources, and my two legs. About 8 years ago, a knee surgeon told me I had about 15 years left on my knees and to avoid weight bearing exercises.  I’m not ready for the easy chair life yet, but I have taken my doctor’s...

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Mount Dickerman

I left the parking lot at 5:50 a.m. and started up the endless switchbacks. Temperature in the mid to upper 40s under a heavy grey mist. One other car was in the lot when I arrived – when I signed the trail register, I realized they had camped out last night. There was no wind in the heavily wooded lower slopes – only the sound of creeks tumbling downhill, and the occasional bird song as the world woke up. About 8:30 a.m., I broke through the mist and was blown away by the amazing views of nearby peaks. 9:35 a.m. At the top. The couple who had slept in a tent on the summit ridge...

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High Divide

“Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” Matthew 7:14, King James Bible After acupuncture, new patients often ask about energy medicine and how everything works: “Why am I more aware of the sensation in my toes?” Two things are going on here. One relates to the body, the second relates to the mind. First, the acupuncture circulates the chi – the life energy – throughout the body, bringing renewed vitality to areas where the energy has not flowed as freely in the past. Second, chi follows mind. In other words, wherever you...

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Black Dirt and Worms, Murderers and Saints

On this, the third day of spring, the black dirt is rich with decay, fat worms wriggling in abundance. I minimize probing with the steel blade, not wishing to harm soft bellied friends ripening detritus and aerating the beds which I hope will yield food for my family’s table. Bending close to the ground, I witness the vigorous activity now emerging from winter’s darkness. Tapping seeds one by one gently from the envelope, I pause to remember internal cultivation in the infinite fields of the mind: May all beings pull the destructive roots of ignorance, anger, and greed from...

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Smart Grid? or Smart Deception? Breaking the Bubble of False Dreams and Denial

My eleven year left for the first day of school an hour ago. She was well rested and waiting eagerly for the carpool ten minutes before it arrived. Maybe she’s more interested in seeing her friends again than exploring new frontiers in learning? It is ever difficult to probe the minds of others and assume you know what they are thinking. Beginner’s mind is a rare and precious commodity in the auto-pilot mindset that often dominates our lives in this day and age. As an acupuncturist, I am afforded a clear vantage point on the pressures that people endure – navigating the boatload of personal...

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