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Acupuncture Can Heal the World

I hope this finds you healthy, happy, and rested after the Thanksgiving holiday. On “EverGreen Friday” (I’m officially renaming and reclaiming the day for Mother Earth), I took my daughter and her friends to the woods – far from the consumer frenzy of Black Friday at the malls.  The rest of my break I spent with friends and family getting in touch with the true spirit of Thanksgiving. The true spirit of life is ultimately inexpressible, but words can direct us to that awareness. When I remember to rest my mind in the space of non duality, feeling the connection with all life, I silently...

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Fukushima and the Warriors of the Rainbow

LIFE on Earth began in the ocean depths almost four billion years ago.  The earth’s surface, blasted with cosmic radiation from the sun and lacking an atmosphere, was hostile to life, but the blue black depths of the sea provided the necessary conditions for a protective womb to nurture our microbial ancestors. Images of the fuel transfer operation at Fukushima, conducted underwater in what is essentially an oversized swimming pool, remind me of the first womb of Mother Earth – the oceans.  Now is the time when humanity must unite to preserve this oasis of life, floating in infinite black...

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Fukushima Update – Journey to the United Nations

Since last blogging about Fukushima, speculation that spent fuel pond number four, containing the equivalent of 14,000 Hiroshima bombs in radioactivity, could be released to the atmosphere and bring on The Apocalypse, has reached a fever pitch on the internet and an increasing number of mainstream news and TV media outlets. And with hundreds, if not a thousand or more tons of radiation of radioactive water entering the Pacific Ocean each day, many people are wondering, “is it safe to eat fish or seaweed from the Pacific Ocean any more?” Credible sources have estimated Fukushima’s...

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I-522 – A Harvest of Truth, Health, and Food Justice

In Chinese medicine, and traditional cultures, autumn is a time of harvest. We gather ripe abundant crops and partake of colorful nourishing feasts. In doing so, we strengthen our bodies in preparation for the journey into winter and the unknown darkness. Spiritually, we are transitioning from the vibrant joy of summer to the still quiet wisdom of winter. As with any season, autumn is merely a way station on a never ending circle of wholeness. But this circle is in danger of being broken by the forces of greed which see no use for Mother Nature’s mystical perfection. Technology, they say,...

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Journey to the Far Shore

It was twilight or maybe midnight. There was no sense of time. Perhaps I was only watching a movie. My mind was riveted by the impending alignment of cosmic forces – two stars in the heavens orbiting closer to a perfect eclipse. In a few moments, a passageway to immortality would open. I called my wife and two children so they could witness and enter the door to enlightenment. But….wait a minute….I only have one child. How could this be? Ah – but so-called ‘normal’ reality is just a dream, and sometimes our dream-time is the higher truth. I do not see the second child in my...

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Taming the Dragons – the Medical Effects of Radiation

I watched a recent Hollywood movie with my 10 year old – How to Tame Your Dragon – but I was pleasantly surprised by the plot twist which had the hero (a misfit child in his imaginary Viking culture), not slay a dragon, but tame a dragon (in order to bring down a larger dragon). Our world and all life is facing a gigantic dragon named Fukushima Daichi right now. The situation is much more dangerous than our government has told us and what I am about to share is not particularly upbeat or inspiring. It may even scare you. I share it with you not only because I am committed to...

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