Letter to Seattle Public Schools Superintendent, Doctor Larry Nyland on WiFi in Public Schools

Dear Dr. Nyland, I am excited that my daughter will be attending a Seattle public school next year.  I was particularly impressed by Principal Wiley’s introduction at a recent open house at Franklin High School.  I am a strong believer in public education. However, I am concerned about the health effects of WiFi, particularly for children whose cellular metabolism is more rapid than adults, and who are thus more vulnerable to molecular and DNA damage due to the intense and continuous exposure that radio-frequency radiation presents. Seattle Public Schools is conducting an experiment of...

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The People Speak out Against Coal – Seattle, June 21, 2016

At the Federal Coal Leasing Program Hearing at the Seattle Sheraton. It is 7:45 a.m. and there is already a line of 60 or so people to sign up as speakers.  The Bureau of Land Management is holding a “scoping hearing”, seeking public input on whether to continue the pause in coal leases on public lands instituted by Interior Dept. Secretary, Sally Jewell in January 2016. With global climate targets already bumping up against the (dangerously high) two degrees of additional warming allowed under the Paris Climate Summit, a record breaking warm spring in the northern hemisphere,...

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Break Free from Fossil Fuels May 13-15, 2016 – Global Day of Resistance

“What is something you learned today”? Eric, my “kayaktivist” brother poses a question to the closing circle of our training. There are about a dozen of  us who’ve come together six weeks in advance of a global day of fossil fuel resistance, “skilling up” so that we can safely and effectively confront the titans of industry and their legal enforcers as the battle to save the planet heats up. People share about how empowering it is to work together in community, how beautiful life is. When it is my turn to share, I reflect on how I took a couple of...

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Climate Change Birthday Party

My daughter is turning thirteen. Tasked with the challenge of hosting a birthday party for a gang of tech-savvy, prematurely jaded teens, I contemplated my options: Ignore the elephant in the room (climate change) and seek out the latest chocolate coated thrill such as indoor skydiving, replete with made in China last minute birthday gifts from the mall? Or attempt the potentially contentious path of mixing old fashioned outdoor fun with a teaspoon of reality, (quietly) calling attention to just how precarious Mother Nature’s health is these days? With schools generally choosing not to...

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Paris: Conversation with a twelve year old

“What happened in Paris”. My twelve year old  asks me point blank, fearlessly, her heart wide open, attempting to understand adult conversations she has overheard at her Saturday language school. Fortunately, I had remembered Fred Roger’s advice earlier in the day about looking for the helpers in any scene of tragedy. They are the key to hope. “A group of people with negative thoughts of anger shot guns at some other people in Paris and killed over a hundred”. “What do you mean a group of people? Who were they”. “They were part of a group...

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Schedule Change

Dear CommuniChi Friends, With winter steadily approaching, I would like to take this opportunity to invite you all to visit the warm dry healing space at the clinic, boosting your energy reserves and supporting your immunity with acupuncture. Starting next week through January 20, 2016, the clinic will be closed on Wednesday afternoon, and open on Thursdays (4pm to 7pm). I was recruited to coach basketball for my daughter’s 7th grade team. I really don’t have much of a clue regarding strategy, but my goals for the team are fun, everyone participates, and instilling an...

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