Climate Change – The Cow in the Middle of the Room

The news just broke that Shell is pulling out of the Arctic – a major victory for the climate. My kayaktivist friends and I deserve some portion of the credit for putting ourselves on the front lines on multiple occasions at actions in Seattle, Everett, and Portland, though clearly this victory belongs to everyone.  It wasn’t just that the test wells in the Beaufort Sea yielded negative results for Shell, but there were also frank admissions that the massive groundswell of negative publicity played into their decision to retreat from their seven billion dollar investment. (Aside:...

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Fire & Ice – Responding with Wisdom to Climate Change

A few nights ago, in a dream, as I was sitting at the controls of a wide body jet, holding the steering yoke, when I suddenly noticed that we were losing altitude and with a sense of alarm, saw the ground approaching quickly. I pulled back on the controls in an attempt to climb. Nothing, a crash seemed imminent. I asked my co-pilot for guidance and he instructed me to turn on the thrusters, so I did. Problem solved. “If it can be solved, there’s no need to worry. And if it can’t be solved, worry is of no use.”          HH the 14th Dalai Lama About a dozen of my...

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Light and Shadow – Fukushima Three Year Anniversary Reflections

March 11, 2014. I am standing on the sidewalk in the shadow of a skyscraper outside the Japanese Consulate in downtown Seattle on a beautiful sunny day, exactly three years after the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami, and the subsequent triple meltdowns at Fukushima Daiichi. “Good afternoon sir, would you like to learn more about Fukushima?” I extend my arm in a posture conveying energy, friendliness, and openness. My hand holds a flyer with health information regarding the hazards of nuclear radiation, news resources, as well as suggestions for citizen action. A few muscles twitch in...

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Acupuncture Can Heal the World

I hope this finds you healthy, happy, and rested after the Thanksgiving holiday. On “EverGreen Friday” (I’m officially renaming and reclaiming the day for Mother Earth), I took my daughter and her friends to the woods – far from the consumer frenzy of Black Friday at the malls.  The rest of my break I spent with friends and family getting in touch with the true spirit of Thanksgiving. The true spirit of life is ultimately inexpressible, but words can direct us to that awareness. When I remember to rest my mind in the space of non duality, feeling the connection with all life, I silently...

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I-522 – A Harvest of Truth, Health, and Food Justice

In Chinese medicine, and traditional cultures, autumn is a time of harvest. We gather ripe abundant crops and partake of colorful nourishing feasts. In doing so, we strengthen our bodies in preparation for the journey into winter and the unknown darkness. Spiritually, we are transitioning from the vibrant joy of summer to the still quiet wisdom of winter. As with any season, autumn is merely a way station on a never ending circle of wholeness. But this circle is in danger of being broken by the forces of greed which see no use for Mother Nature’s mystical perfection. Technology, they say,...

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Taming the Dragons – the Medical Effects of Radiation

I watched a recent Hollywood movie with my 10 year old – How to Tame Your Dragon – but I was pleasantly surprised by the plot twist which had the hero (a misfit child in his imaginary Viking culture), not slay a dragon, but tame a dragon (in order to bring down a larger dragon). Our world and all life is facing a gigantic dragon named Fukushima Daichi right now. The situation is much more dangerous than our government has told us and what I am about to share is not particularly upbeat or inspiring. It may even scare you. I share it with you not only because I am committed to...

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