Fukushima – Nuclear Genie Out of the Bottle

“The splitting of the atom changed everything, save man’s mode of thinking. Thus we drift towards unparalleled catastrophe” — Einstein August 15, 2013. Senator Patty Murray’s office in Seattle, Washington. My name is Jordan Van Voast. I am a resident of Seattle, father, and a licensed practitioner of acupuncture for the past 15 years. With my friends and fellow citizens, I’m here today to express my alarm over the recent revelations at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan and request the Senator to work with colleagues, especially those from West Coast states, to initiate Senate...

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Greedy Lying Bastards

Apologies for the harsh language – normally I don’t think name calling and vilification is an effective conflict resolution strategy. In fact, it probably never is.  I know that many will disagree with me, but in the end I believe anger is a self-defeating strategy. If you want to get angry about something, get angry about your own anger and ignorance – that’s the path of liberation and enlightenment according to the Buddha. Nonetheless, there you have it – Greedy Lying Bastards. Certainly grabs your attention, and maybe that’s what is needed right now – a collective wake up call on climate...

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Earth Medicine

Six years ago, I wrote a blog urging people to drive less and consider the needs of the Earth and future generations that will inherit it, trumpeting the fact that I had given away our one family car. Now we are back up to a one car family again and I realize how difficult it would be for most families to exist in this society without one. Groceries, work, school events for the children, home maintenance projects, volunteer work, and the occasional hiking trip outside the city – there’s always something and although I’ve seen some pretty cool bike trailers in Seattle’s ever expanding bike...

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The Real Wealth of Nations

With Monday’s inauguration of Barack Obama for a second term falling on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, let us consider for a few moments what truly makes a nation great. I would suggest that it is not our GNP, our GDP, how high the Dow Jones Industrials have risen, or any of the other economic indicators of growth, but how kind we are to the least fortunate amongst us. Riane Eisler, a feminist historian, author of “The Real Wealth of Nations”, brings into focus the critical importance of recreating the economic models in order to create a truly sustainable future for all. As an...

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To vaccinate or not?

The stakes are high – your health or your child’s health, everyone’s health. From many groups, we increasingly hear competing, confusing, unsettling, even frightening assertions: Vaccines contain toxic compounds like mercury (recently removed in most, though trace amounts still remain), phenol, acetone, alum, and formaldehyde. They damage the delicate immune system of the newborn leading to a host of problems like autism and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).  Many health professionals have concluded that their use is based on inconclusive science and questionable epidemiology. ...

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Sustainable Here and Now

Sustainability – As buzz words go, this one is big. Everyone wants to create sustainable living, sustainable economies, sustainable ecologies. But what does that really mean in an unsustainable world? Fact of the matter is, change is the only constant in life. From a Buddhist perspective, realizing the truth of impermanence deeply, is what liberates us from clinging to the illusion of a sustainable, inherently existent self or ego. In a few billion years, the sun will render the Earth crisper than burnt toast. And long before that, you and I and everyone we know, all our possessions....

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